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Charisma Myth

Book Summary of "The Charisma Myth: Master the art of personal magnetism"

Charisma myth book review
The elements of Charisma

In this book we read that Charisma is not something that you just get born with but something that you learn and master. The three elements of charisma according to the writer are:

  • #1 Presence: being aware of what’s going on
  • #2 Power: the ability to affect the world or influence others
  • #3 Warmth: the goodwill we have towards others

The way you speak and sound influences perception of Warmth and Power
To project power, speak slowly with frequent pauses, use a baritone voice, lower intonation at the end of the sentences, and breathe through your nose. To project warmth, smile. Even thinking about smiling is enough to give your voice warmth.

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The Art of Public Speaking

Book Summary of "The Art of Public Speaking" by Dare Carnegie

Art of public speaking book review

Giving speeches is the only way to become a skilled orator. Speech giving isn’t a matter of becoming fearless; it is a matter of mastering your fear.

Monotony is poverty, whether is speech or in life. Stress important words to give emphasis. Changing your pitch is a technique for stressing a speech’s central ideas. Changing your pace and pausing are the other two techniques.

Good lungs are crucial to a resonant, powerful voice. Equally important is the ability to relax your throat and keep it open.

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Book Summary of "Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges"

Presence book review

To be an effective communicator, your words should match your body language. For this to happen, you need to be authentic, truly believe in the message you are delivering.

Psychology studies have shown that imposter syndrome is more common that we think. Two studies in 1978 and 1993 shown that vast majority of successful people felt inadequate or fraudulent. No amount of success or achievement was enough to get rid of this inferiority complex.

Before a big presentation or speech, if you feel nervous you can trick your nervous system by consciously telling yourself to take slow, deep breadths and relax your muscles. This way, relaxation signals will travel to your brain and you’ll begin to feel more confident and in control.

A study showed that gestures or postures that make a person appear smaller are perceived by others as signs of weaknesses. Other studies shown that power poses , positive postures that expand your body, can empower you, make you feel more confident and outgoing and prepare you for a challenging situation such as public speaking.

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Speaker, Leader, Champion

Book Summary of "Speaker, Leader, Champion: Success at work through the power of public speaking. "

Speaker Leader book review

In order to build connection with your audience be sure to maintain good eye contact and have good posture. Change your tone and pace to fit what you are saying. Lower your voice when you want to build suspense, and raise it when you are delivering a key message. Play with your word choice, volume level and intonation. Having a catchphrase or repeating some words can sometimes make the main point clearer and your speech easier to follow. “Your voice is only the first part of how you say it”

Speaking Coaches can make a huge difference to public speaking skills development. In order to train your public skills you need to practice continually and even work with a coach who can guide you. They will know how to highlight to you the skills you should work on and help you with the most challenging areas. Feedback might feel intimidating, but in the long run will make you more confident.

With practice and dedication anybody can gain the skills to become a great public speaker. If you are nervous about public speaking just try to find more opportunities to speak in situation that are less stressful. The more you expose your self the more comfortable you will speaking publicly.

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