Online Voice Recorder


A great voice recorder that allows you to record your voice within seconds.

Free and easy to use
Our easy to use, browser based voice recorder is completely free. Works with all browsers and lets you record your voice within seconds.

Privacy Centric
Unless you choose to share your recording online, or process it, your recording remains private. It is recorded on your browser and is not uploaded to our servers. Only you can access it.

Download or Share
After you are done recording, you can easily download your recording in mp3 or wav format and/or share it with your friends.

Online Voice Recorder

How to use the Online Voice Recorder

How to record audio online
  1. Select the audio file type of your voice recording. Supported audio file types are mp3, wav and ogg. mp3 is the default option providing voice recordings with lower size and good quality.
  2. Click the "Record" button to record audio in mp3, wav or ogg format.
  3. Speak close to your device's microphone and make sure the audio animation shows that your voice is being recorded.
  4. Click "Stop Recording" to stop the audio recording.
  5. Depending on the selected file format your voice recording will be available immediately or within a few seconds
  6. Use the Recording List section to listen to your recording and/or download it
How to share your voice recording online
  1. If you wish to share your recording online you can use the 'share' button
  2. Once 'Share' is clicked your voice recording is automatically uploaded to our servers and an online link is generated.
  3. You can then copy the link via the text box and the copy button and send the link to your family, friends, teachers or colleauges.
  4. Alternatively, for your convenience, we have integrated with the most popular social platforms to make sharing your recording easier.
How to check your voice pitch online
  1. First log in with your VoiceCoach account.
  2. If you do not have a VoiceCoach account please create one and verify your email.
  3. Then record your voice per the above instructions.
  4. Play back your voice recording to ensure it is the one you want to analyze.
  5. Proceed with clicking 'Process' voice recording. This will automatically upload the recording to our servers.
  6. The recording will be processed within a few seconds (up to 20) depending on its size.
  7. Once processing is done you can review the pitch, pace, pauses and syllables of your voice recording